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Calico San Bernardino County California

Note that at that time he didn't have any ideas that sasquatches even existed let alone that they may have the capabilities that they could possibly chase people away from their locations in that fashion.Disillusioned, he finally gave up the search. The following five pictures were taken by me during my October 19th visitation of that area and conference with this witness: That's when all the commotion began, like the fuel cans being knocked over that were located just behind the small shed. This property once had a cabin on it that was destroyed in the late sixties by an avalanche, but the concrete slab is still there, and we park RV's on it. I know there is not a lot to say that a Sasquatch was there that night, but for the fact of heavy foot falls that made the ground shake and their sounds, then the strong feelings of fear, and how the dogs were acting. The witness's camping pad is located approximately just above where the green pine trees stop in the bottom of that canyon above the lake.

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Weather was cold, in the 40's or 50's. Under his cloak, he wore a V-neck, sleeveless, midriff shirt with mesh armour underneath it along with pants, stirrups, and sandals. The small trailer would have been sitting between that shed and the photographer on the cement pad. From that time on, the site has been referred to as the Lost Goose Egg Mine. Even the organisation's leader, Pain , praised Deidara's abilities, openly admitting that he was something unique, and that his loss was a major blow to the group. Rich with placer gold, the Wells Fargo Express began serving Newton three times a week and passenger stage routes were added later. Deidara refused at first until he accepts a challenge from Itachi on the condition that Akatsuki let him be if he won. For more than a decade, the flood of people continued to come, arriving overland on the California Trail , by ship around Cape Horn, or through the Panama shortcut. With no money to pay the doctor and too ill to return to the treasure, he paid his caretaker with the ore, the map he had drawn, and provided him with a detailed description. Intelligence One of Deidara's strong points was his intelligence, often using tricks, misdirection, and calculated gambles to get his explosives in range of an opponent. Please notice the steep rock face slope located on the north side of the canyon which is just up and behind the witness's camping pad.






I had been sitting there for quite a while when it happened and had not heard a thing until the branch snapped. It is open every day except Christmas and requires an entrance fee. Randall's party had in fact found the "Cement Mine," taking several thousand dollars from the ledge. Thought to have been some eight miles north of Mammoth Canyon, the acres were near what became known as Whiteman's Camp. The foot fall sounds then just stopped on the other side of that small creek which is lined with a very heavy concentration of trees and brush, and was only located about 25 ft. Tales abounded of the easy gold to be found. Lastly, this animal had somehow managed to get within 35 feet of me without being heard. Deidara was a very powerful S-rank missing-nin whose abilities earned him recognition within Akatsuki. Engaging additional men to help, Randall's group began to prospect on a quarter-section of land called Pumice Flat.


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